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Numbers have a direct relation to human life . Every number has occult significance, which is directly related to our day to day life. The same numbers reappear in some form or the other in our life. We get along well with the people with whom our numbers match. Astrology and Numerology are complementary to each other as each planet & each house has been attributed a number which directly or indirectly matches with our day to day life. In India 108 is regarded as an auspicious number. The total of this comes to 9 which is single digit largest number.

There are 9 planets and 12 houses, when multiplied (9 x 12 =108). Therefore the Astrology is closely connected to numerology. Numerologically  we can know a persons nature and qualities. We usually see that the same number patterns reappear positively or negatively in our life. In case, the birthchart is not available we can predict the life of a person through the numbers of his name. This calculation also helps us to keep the positive names of our children and organizations.


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