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Colors In Vaastu

Colors in Vaastu

Colors in vaastu play a very important part in vaastu as each color represents a particular element. So appropriate colors create a balance whereas anticolors create a havoc in the lives of the occupants. Every person wants to lead peaceful,  healthy, serene and a joyful life along with enhancing his wealth and status.All the  five elements viz water, air, fire, earth and space create and destroy a certain bio-electric magnetic energy.So the colors in vaastu that are in accordance with the force create a favorable bio-electric magnetic field whereas the unfavorable might result in problems. Colors in vaastu  might be seen in the ones that are anti to that particular direction. According to the panchtatva theory, water or jal governs the north direction, air or vayu governs the East direction, fire or agni governs the South direction, earth or prithvi governs the South West direction and space or akash governs the North West to West direction. All the five elements in turn have different colors, shapes and metals associated with them. The balance can be created in building by using the appropriate colors. So I suggest all my readers to paint their houses in accordance with the panchtatva theory, attain the bliss and harmony in their home as well as their lives. The colors of North direction are blue, white and black as the element of this direction is water. The colors of East direction are green and brown and the element is air. The colors of South and South East are red, pink, orange and violet, the element here is fire. The colors of South West direction are yellow or golden and the element is earth.In the North West and west direction  the space element pertains and colors best used here are white and metallic grey.


So water is an anti element to fire, as the fire is destroyed by water, so if a person uses pink color in the North direction, it will affect him adversely as there will be a shrinking of his vision, money flow might be obstructed and inmates may feel weak physically and mentally. The cash flow may  further be affected as  the new opportunities would be difficult to create. For rectifying such a space a water bowl or a kalash maybe kept in the North side along with some green plants. A red color painting or bulb should be lit in the Southern side.

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