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Param Vaastu : Vastu Consultant Services Provider in Ghaziabad
Param Vaastu : Vastu Consultant Services Provider in Ghaziabad

Hire Result-Oriented Vastu Services

Enhance Peace, Prosperity and Success with Us ( Vastu Shastra )

Scientific study of directions to enhance positive energy & removing negative energies is Vastu Shastra.”

  • Param Vastu’s experts can help you with all vastu corrections, vastu remedies & house layout based on principles of Vastu Shastra.
  • Vastu readings to bring objects on right place and directions to bring positivity in your house.
  • Our responsibility is to remove negative vibes & bring positive energies, where you live with your love ones.
Vastu Expert Jyoti Setia
Vastu Expert Jyoti Setia

Our Vastu Shastra Consulting Services in Ghaziabad

  • Vastu for House
  • Vastu for Industrial Spaces
  • Vastu for Commercial Shops
  • Vastu Shasta Services for Hospitality Businesses
  • Vastu for Hospitals
  • Institutional Project Designing Based on Vastu
  • Interior Consulting based on Vastu Principles

Vastu Consulting in Indirapuram, Raj Nagar, Vasundhara & Vaishali

Looking for Scientific Vastu Consultation for your Business & Home?

Talk to renowned vastu expert in Ghaziabad, Mrs. Jyoti Setia

Vastu Shastra Facts

✨Importance of Vastu Shastra

With the perspective of science, it is important to follow vastu. But you need to understand that Vastu Shasta is not about construction of a house or office, it is related to the problems you are facing in your life. 

✨Elements of Vastu Shasta

Water, earth, air, fire and space are the 5 elements on which vastu is based

✨Time to follow vastu shastra

When ever you feel; however the best time in RIGHT NOW!

✨Important of Vastu for Tenants

As we told, vastu is not about house, its related to problems and with vastu remedies we solve problems of person who live in the house. So it’s equally important for tenant.

✨Vastu Consultancy in Ghaziabad Areas

We provide – phone vastu consultancy all over India. Being as vastu consultant based in ghaziabad, we provide on-site consulting services in Indirapuram, vasundhara, Raj Nagar & other areas.Additional charges may apply for Onsite Vastu solutions in Ghaziabad & other cities