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No two human being are alike in this universe similarly, no two horoscopes can be the same. Each horoscope is unique in its own way. Even the twins born in the time difference of a few minutes do not have the same life and for that matter, the same horoscope.  The great intellectuals and sages knew this and therefore they made the horoscopes with great precision. As CARL JUNG has rightly said. “Whatever is born or done at this movement of time has the qualities of this moment of time”, A moment cannot be an hour or even a few minutes. These two points inspired Mr. S.P. Khullar to develop CUSPAL INTERLINKS THEORY (KCIL). He says, “Astrology is, is at bottom, a microscopic criticism of all facets of life under the influence of celestial bodies”.  Astrology is not static; it is dynamic, as the person is always under the influence of celestial bodies. Therefore it is important to study the transit and the progression charts along with the birth chart and the bhava chart. In this system of astrology (KCIL) the birth chart needs to be rectified to last second with the help of past events and all the genetic connections.  Only after having a rectified Birth Chart, one can accurately predict the future events.

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